If It Was Your Child

“If It Was Your Child” is a non -profit grassroots organization founded in 2015 by of children with pediatric cancer in response to the alarming rate of childhood cancer in Johnson County, Indiana. Our name was established when people had doubts about our cause. We naturally began asking them, “If it was your child, what would you do?” IIWYC works to promote public awareness and promote change at the state, local, and federal officials regarding cancer clusters and about the connection between a child’s environment and their health. IIWYC collaborates with local and national organizations including Trevor’s Trek, Environmental Defense Fund, and Edison Wetlands to investigate and promote a healthy community for our children. We are committed to the long fight to protect our children and community. We fight for our children who battle cancer. We fight for the children we have lost. We fight for those yet to be diagnosed.

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